A gay man without gaydar

Most gay men have an inbuilt gaydar, I don’t, never have and don’t think I ever will have. Seriously if they were naked infront of me flapping their willy in my face I would still have doubts! 

I think the thing is cause everyone knows I’m gay, a lot of the straight blokes I work with can be quite flirty, and I flirt back, I know 90% of them are straight, but then you get a few that I have no idea, that’s the reason I have grindr, just incase someone could be on it that I know, I work in a hospital in the new forest, and believe you me, there’s hardly anyone on it. 

I think it’s I don’t understand straight blokes, and I never know how far to play it, or if it’s just straight bloke banter. I’m easily confused anyway. 

Shame it’s not the 70’s again where there was a dress code. Be so much easier! 

Rant: Why are gay friends the worse friends? 

A couple of weeks back kev agreed to dog sit for a work colleague of his, it’s only down the road but he had to sleep there, so he was back home at 5.30ish every night for a few hours, as with most people a couple of days by yourself is great, you can watch what you want on telly, run round the flat naked, that sort of thing, but for me any more days I get so totally bored out of my mind, and he was dog sitting for 2 weeks.

All friends knew what was happening and I only heard from one gay friend, as normal his texts were how are you etc then it was all about him and the problems and issues he’s got, but it was the same when kev headed of to France a few days before me in March. None of them got in contact, they only do get in contact when they want something or to bitch about their other halfs, I have female friends but sometimes you want male company, I don’t mean that in a sexual way, but to hang out with a mate, but “so called” 5 gay friends didn’t bother to do anything, get in contact, offer to go out etc. 

I work with a terrific bloke once, 100% straight, married with kids, but as he was so confident in his sexuality he had no problems with me, and vice versa, we used to hang out, saw each other naked, play fights, giving hugs even shared a bed occasionally, nothing happened, but you can’t have that with gay friends, so why are straight male friends better? Cause I really don’t know if I will ever get that again, and that makes me sad. 

Next week kev is heading to France before me again, I’m flying out and not sure yet but kev maybe flying back and I’m staying on for a few days by myself, so I’m going to see what happens, I’m the kind of person that will just drop people if they behave the same way over and over again, I don’t give many 2nd chances, 

When I was by myself in France for 4 days last year, our friends over there were bloody brilliant, in fact it’s the complete opposite, was invited out all the time, fed and watered,

I think deep down, women love the gays, they love to be a fag hag, and gay men love women, and every straight person probably think that all gay men are friends, when really, all a gay guy wants is a straight male friend, we maybe gay, but we are still blokes, and sometimes we need to do lad stuff, it’s not all Eurovision and face packs! 

I may have to put an advert out “straight white male needed to be a buddy” I need a bromance! 

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