Another holiday coming up 

Started to get things organised, Kev has slightly been driving me mad as he’s in charge of decorating the pub for the moulin rouge party, and there is only so many times you can say “that’s nice” to the same thing. But he’s doing an amazing job, will take photos, 

Do people expect photos on here, as in a blog site? Does it make it more interesting or does it take the blog away so to speak. Views and opinions are welcomed or just tell me to bugger off. 

So, we have quite a bit to take over, Kev had a budget of £200 for decorations, and we came in at £198. So not bad going really. 

Got 2 friends that are interested in buying a mobile home on our site, been invited out to dinner to our friend Kim who has recently taken early retirement from the police force, so she bought a motorcycle and a motor home van thingy to explore Europe and was thinking of a base over there, I’m so jealous, wish I could do something like that, 

Anyway, best go and sort my shit out. 

It’s a funny old world 

I’m having another Facebook moment, I should delete it, but I’m not strong enough, plus I would only reinstate it 30 minutes later, 

So the ex friend the fake vicar, put on his post about giving blood, as in a blood donation, well I know he’s lying as gay men are not allowed to give blood unless you not had sex with another man for 12 months, and unless his relationship is up the duff. 

But the main thing about Facebook is the politics and brexit, now I voted remain, I like the EU, yes I know they have some issues, but on the whole I like being part of Europe, about being free to go where I want, and also wanting to move to France, I can see people’s view on leaving the EU, but I just hate all the “out now” the people have spoken, get on with it, hard deal, close the borders. (Don’t think they understand we live on an island) 

It just seems everyone is so angry, angry with foreign people, angry with muslims, seems so much hatred at the moment, and also people saying bring back Nigel farage, now he really gets on my goat, can’t stand the little frog face prick, 

Anyway, been off Facebook for ten minutes, I wonder what’s happening? 

Back packing part 1

I started full time employment 2 days after my 16th birthday, I worked for a high street bank, its was good, I enjoyed it, but it was at the time a lot of high street branches were closing and going over to a head office, my branch was one of those, we were moved to Battersea south London, it got boring, so on the anniversary of my 5th year I handed my notice in. 

I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I had just got £7k insurance payout from a car crash that I was in, so I thought that would tie me over for the time being, and I thought about a holiday, then I thought about a year out back packing around Europe, how hard could it be? So I started planning, 

I was going to go by Eurostar, from Waterloo, into Paris, then around France, through to Italy, up to Switzerland, germany, then Finland, Sweden and Denmark. And various places in between, I had worked it all out, made plans, bought maps, the whole lot, it was difficult back then, it was before the internet, so phone calls and letters were made, I was going to stay in hostels and cheap hotels, and bought all the right gear, 

My friend was seeing some one quite famous and was living in Los Angeles, she invited me over for a holiday before I started my back packing, 

So in late January 1993 I flew to Los Angeles, I flew back from there August 1993, I sort of forgot about my backpacking, I was living on Mulholland drive, in a Pool house, having a great time, fuck Europe, I was in the USA!! 

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