I need to write a script

I need to learn on how to write a script. The things that go on on the camp site where our park home is is unbelievable, it would write itself, I wouldn't even have to change so much, I've always said you could write a book on it, which is something else I may try and do instead, I know my English is crap, but that what editors are for aren't they?

I think it would be a cross between Gavin & Stacey and Benidorm with a bit of Elderado tossed in. Does anyone remember Elderado? I loved it. The thing is, you have people living there, people working there, holiday makers, people not talking to certain people, gossip, seriously the thing would write itself.

It's all kicking off this morning on Facebook on the camp site page. And we are not even there at the moment!

I better get started then.

Another holiday coming up 

Started to get things organised, Kev has slightly been driving me mad as he’s in charge of decorating the pub for the moulin rouge party, and there is only so many times you can say “that’s nice” to the same thing. But he’s doing an amazing job, will take photos, 

Do people expect photos on here, as in a blog site? Does it make it more interesting or does it take the blog away so to speak. Views and opinions are welcomed or just tell me to bugger off. 

So, we have quite a bit to take over, Kev had a budget of £200 for decorations, and we came in at £198. So not bad going really. 

Got 2 friends that are interested in buying a mobile home on our site, been invited out to dinner to our friend Kim who has recently taken early retirement from the police force, so she bought a motorcycle and a motor home van thingy to explore Europe and was thinking of a base over there, I’m so jealous, wish I could do something like that, 

Anyway, best go and sort my shit out. 

The Nags Head

Some of you may know that the TV series “only fools and horses” the pub was called the Nags Head, it is also the name of the on site bar at the site in France, yes I know, sounds so French doesn’t it?? 

The owner who is french but lives in Florida, loved the TV show, so that’s why she called it that. I think it’s awful, this is one of the things I hate about the site, it’s a little England, I don’t like the UK anyway, so to go on holiday to France and stay at mini England is the worst thing for me. But it was cheap, 

The thing is, it’s treated like an English bar, they do snacks there, burger and chips, hot dog, steak, Cornish Pastries, you know typical French fair. Seriously there is not one item of french food on there, not even a crossiant for breakfast, not even a flaming baggette. 

They can’t serve spirits as it would of cost them an extra few grand on top of their license, so it’s wine, beer and cider. 

As the owners are from Cornwall, hence the Cornish pastries, they been doing Cornish real ale and beer. I don’t drink beer, maybe the odd half a larger ifthe weather is nice, and then only one as it’s too gassy and I can’t burp. (Tis true, I am unable to burp) 

I did have chicken and chips there once, it’s one of my favourite meals, normally you get a quarter or a half a chicken, I got a drumstick! And because everything is deep fried, basically it was a chicken bone with chips. My friend ordered steak once, the peas came 40 minutes later as they forgot, my friend never had peas for pudding before. 

They have certain nights there, bingo, quiz night, music, no karaoke as they think it’s common, butvto be honest, I don’t tend to go there anymore, the drink is shit, white wine doesn’t agree with me anyway, so never drink that, i can’t drink the rose or red as it literally taste crap. It’s a shame as it’s so handy. I wish they would do a Moule’s frites night or paella night. It’s cheap and easy to do. But it’s too foreign for them I think. 

I’m going to see what it’s like in July, as it should be up to maximum capacity then, so hopefully it may have some life there. If it doesn’t, I think they should pull the plug and let it die, or just get new managers in. 

Viewing the site

We went over in September 2015, the area seemed very nice, flat, but nice, been given the key code to the gate before hand and all we have to do was to meet Joan and Pete on site as they looked after the van we were staying in, got lost finding their van but Joan and Pete gave us a great welcome, residents on site for 4 years, moved from Manchester, very northern, salt of the earth types, 

The van we stayed in was for sale, above our budget but was very negotiable, great plot, but it needed work, everything was a shade of purple, toilet roll, air freshener, washing up liquid, everything fucking purple, still it was nice to stay in one to see what it be like having one, 

The site is classed as a holiday site, just mobile homes, no tents, no caravans, it had 2 pools, library, laundry room, and a bar, called the nags head, seriously we thought we were in the to show Benidorm, we had a drink in the bar, served by the first French man we saw, once he decided to serve us that was, it wasn’t busy, he was pissed, we sat outside and got to meet the residents, 

Apparently the whole site knew that a gay couple were coming over to view and maybe buy a van, everyone gave us their opinion on the site, the vans, the people, the bar intact everything, very nice people, but we were starting to hate the place, 

The next morning we went into the local village which was only a mile away, typically French, all built around a 15th century chateau, couple of restaurants and a pub, a proper French pub, we went over for a drink, as we got closer we noticed that everyone sat outside were from the site, and the owners of the pub were Welsh, 

I was thankful for Kev’s chronic indigestion, so we had to drive to a nearest town, Challans about 7 mile away, and fell in love with the town, it was proper France, proper cafes, market going on etc, it was great 

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