When you can’t reach the area

Still home alone, still no contact from certain  friends and I’ve hurt my back, shoulder has been playing up for a couple of weeks, must be a pulled muscle or trapped nerve, anyway, wanted to put some deep heat on it last night, and you know what, I couldn’t reach the spot. I’m not one to phone friend to ask for help. But it does piss me off, I know people have their own lives etc. Maybe it’s just me. Think it’s one of those days, 

So may have to treat myself to a takeaway at the weekend, cheer myself up a little. 

On the subject of being alone, Kev and I sex life is pretty good, but why is it, as soon as your partner goes away, you become a sex maniac? Seriously how many times can a bloke masturbate in one day!! I may need to get into the sexting business. 

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