I have recently deleted snapchat, to be honest, I don’t really get it, I’m not one to take lots of photos, I never understood how it works properly anyway, and as for the photo effects I just don’t see the point, the only thing I liked about it was that you could draw and write things on photos, but I’m sure that’s an app for there somewhere (if anyone knows of one please let me know, I use an iPhone) 

Anyway, my brother in laws girlfriend has 2 girls, 11 & 13, they both use snapchat, and apparently they were being groomed by an on line paedophile, of course the mother was outraged, posted a screenshot of the person and put it on Facebook, saying this scum needs to be named and shamed, and I get that, I really do, it was the day after that she informed the police, 

But it was at the back of my head that day, and I can’t stop thinking, why did she let them have snap chat in the first place, and also the girls would of either had to add the bloke or accept his request, so why wasn’t the mother monitoring their friends, or did she even tell them about other people that may chat to the girls, or is just me being older, that I don’t add strangers to my chat apps? It was also the same on their instragram profile, this I have just started using so really don’t understand how that works yet. 

Yes when I was their age, there was no internet, all we had was don’t talk to strangers, and I’m not a parent, 

Just anything thing to confuse me! 

On my way part 3, in the air

I will fly, but I don’t like it, I may prefer it if it was on a private jet, I’ve never been on one, been lucky enough to travel business and first class, and Concorde. 

It’s only an hours flight anyway, and I prefer smaller planes. No one next to me, so I can spread out a little bit more, and in the next isle is a very good looking man so I’ve got some eye candy for the flight, 

This is the 3rd flight I’ve taken to our place in France, and for the life of me I don’t remember why I took the first one, as I’m sure Kev he only gone out early twice before, it’s bugging me, first time I’m flying into Nantes, other 2 times were La Rochelle, 

It’s pretty amazing really, leave your house at 8.15 in the morning and be in a different country for lunch, 

I’m only having a coke to drink, last two times I had jack Daniels’s and coke and it went straight to my head, 

On my way part 2, at the airport

Thought I change up some euros, bloody hell the airport rips you off, I could of got €1.15 elsewhere, but airport is doing €0.91, sod that for a living, 

Trousers stayed up this time when I had to take my belt of, learnt my lesson last time when I was wearing a jock strap, still it’s nice to see a bit of arse sometimes in public, 

Now it feels like the longest wait, it be about an hour, but this airport is so small, I’m in seat 10C which is a bloody isle seat, I made sure I sprayed my favourite after shave on in the duty free, sprayed everything including the inside of my bag, 

That’s it for the airport bit, seriously there is fuck all to do here. 

On my way part 1

So last night, dropped the car off, tidy up, hoovered, sorted all cats stuff out for friends coming in to feed them, ate, had bath, finished the bottle of red and went completely pissed! Had bath and pack a few bits in my bag, 

Alarm set, got ready, coffee, walked to station to get my train to Southampton air port, where I am now, trains have so changed since my communting days, I miss the old trains though, where there was always a sense of danger of falling out, just checked passport for the 5th time, boarding pass on phone (still amazed at that) it’s quite nice going through the new forest though. Update when at air port 

Mini 2 minute lost the plot

My last day at work before holiday, I text the lady who was looking after my car and was going to give me a lift home afterwards, I said, I let you know when I’m leaving and is still ok for a lift? She replied I have no idea when I be home, things are very stressful here, now this is Kev’s deputy, the person who we had to cancel 2 holidays for and the one where she wants Kev to dog sit all the time, FFS can’t she cope at all, she shouldn’t be in that job, 

It was easier to leave the car there as Kev could of gone to the office the day he flew back into the UK, she could of given him a lift to her place then he would of driven of in my car, as he would need it for a few days. 

I’m the kind of person who has to have everything organised, last time I organised everything and it worked out fine, it’s a good job the friend who done it last time was kind enough to do it again, so I cancelled her at the last minute, 

Plus it did annoy me that she said she was very stressful as what am I going to say to Kev? I have to explain to him why I didn’t park at hers, it’s his business for fuck sake! 

Had to let this of my chest, thank you to the special guy who helped me out yesterday, you know who you are 😘

My family & what’s left 

There’s not many of us left now, so my mum and dad got together, now my mum was one of 13 (Welsh) anyway she got adopted, so she was an only child, my dads mother died in childbirth, so he was brought up by 2 nannies and his dad worked,  I never knew my dads dad, he died not long after my brother was born, and our aunt Mary, (not sure where she came along from) 

So basically when I came along a few years after my brother and sister that was all the family, my dad never wanted me, wanted my mum to have an abortion. As you can read this you would understand that she didn’t go through it, 

Lived in carshalton, Surrey, it’s now more classed as south London, but back then it was posh, we had famous people living near by, so dad left the house in the morning to get the train into London, mum got the kids ready, we had a car in The garage but my mum wasn’t allowed to use it, 

My dad was ill, he was a major hypochondriac, he was unlucky that he got everything given, so he had to retire from work, they game a charity to look after “the British sports association”. Which is where I first meet Jimmy Saville, and no, nothing happened, the last 3 years of his life he was getting worse, and when I was 14 he died of cancer, my sister left the house as soon as we got back from the funeral and my brother moved out the week after. 

My sister has been with her bloke since the 80’s, never married as his first wife wouldn’t let him, she had a baby boy in 1993, and was the only nephew, grandson for a long time, my brother was in his 2nd marriage, and him and his wife were having IVF treatment, but one of them worked and they gave birth to a healthy test tube, a few months later she fell pregnant naturally. 

I was still left out, my sister and my brother al aye arrange to meet up and go out, but we were never invited. 

Just over 10 years ago, my brother was diagnosed with cancer, and was given about a year, he still tried to work when he could, this was the only reason so when he went his wife and kids had more money. I felt worse for my mum, no one expects to loose a kid, so I made sure she was in, 

My sister was the chief mourner, saw him very often, and tried to take over, even before he died my sister was saying how much do you think we would get in the will, I said nothing, he’s married and got 2 kids, why would we get anything, 

So he died, got the phone call one Sunday morning, my sister was already driving up, I tried to speak to her but apparently she was uncontrollable and unable to speak to anyone, 

The funeral was a day I really didn’t want to, I didn’t want to go, I knew I had to, my sisters boy who I shall now call boy wonder, because he knows everything, he wanted to do a speech at the funeral, I said no, you won’t be able to do it, but my sister was adamant that he be great because of his drama background, (he did drama at school) he started to speak then broke down and ran out, so as I was in the front with sister in law and nephews, so I took over, 

A month later, my sister in law found out that my other nephew was abusing one of her boys, seriously world war 3 began, people taking and not talking, I stayed quiet, until I heard the whole story, so my sister stopped talking to me, and my nephew sent me a text saying thanks for the fucking support. To cut it short as this is worth a few blogs by itself, my nephew was sent to prison for 7 years, he was out after 3. He doesn’t talk to me. 

I see my sister in law and 2 nephews a few times a year, 

And when my mum died was the first time I saw my nephew, but I had all the keys then, I was incharge and my sister couldn’t do a thing, they still moan that certain things should be theirs etc, 

I should of broken this down more, as I just opened a can of worms, because there is so much to it, 

I leave it here for the moment, but basically what I meant to say is, I’ve got such a small family, and the ones I have got, don’t talk to me! 

Back packing part 1

I started full time employment 2 days after my 16th birthday, I worked for a high street bank, its was good, I enjoyed it, but it was at the time a lot of high street branches were closing and going over to a head office, my branch was one of those, we were moved to Battersea south London, it got boring, so on the anniversary of my 5th year I handed my notice in. 

I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I had just got £7k insurance payout from a car crash that I was in, so I thought that would tie me over for the time being, and I thought about a holiday, then I thought about a year out back packing around Europe, how hard could it be? So I started planning, 

I was going to go by Eurostar, from Waterloo, into Paris, then around France, through to Italy, up to Switzerland, germany, then Finland, Sweden and Denmark. And various places in between, I had worked it all out, made plans, bought maps, the whole lot, it was difficult back then, it was before the internet, so phone calls and letters were made, I was going to stay in hostels and cheap hotels, and bought all the right gear, 

My friend was seeing some one quite famous and was living in Los Angeles, she invited me over for a holiday before I started my back packing, 

So in late January 1993 I flew to Los Angeles, I flew back from there August 1993, I sort of forgot about my backpacking, I was living on Mulholland drive, in a Pool house, having a great time, fuck Europe, I was in the USA!! 

A little Facebook arguement 

Went on and saw my friend had replied to a comment from the local conservative councillor, now my friend doesn’t give a flying fuck in what she’s says, she used to be a man, not that it means that’s the reason why she doesn’t give a shit, I just thought I would mention that’s she’s transgender, 

Anyho, it was about voting conservative and save the planet or something along the lines as the councillor had deleted all his comments so I couldn’t understand much of it, one of his comments was though that anyone that didn’t or won’t vote conservative in June is a snowflake. 

Now I hate that word people use for those who want something different in their country, I voted remain, and I will vote labour in June, I love the fact that we were able to work and live in any country in the EU, I love people from Europe and around the world, even though I’m not religious at all, I have respect for those that have a faith. Love the different cultures from around the world, and get angry when everyone is not treated the same, like the way they treat LGBT and different views to women, that’s what I like about the EU, we fought for our rights and got them. I want everything to be renewable energy. I want the world to be a happy place, I know that ain’t going to happen. I don’t want wars, I don’t think much about Donald Trump, I don’t like homophobia, xenophobia, and I hate all this make Britain great again, too late sweet cheeks, we already fucked it up, we not got an industry anymore as it all got sold abroad, and our banking/finance has been downgraded. And then I get accused of being anti British because I’m a “remoaner” cause I voted to stay in. 

So call me a snowflake then, you jumped into little prick who parades around the local area in Lycra cycling shorts and your and hair, take the daily mail, roll it up, and stuff it down your Lycra shorts cause you ain’t got a dick big enough to show. 

Thank you, needed to get that of my chest! 

When you can’t reach the area

Still home alone, still no contact from certain  friends and I’ve hurt my back, shoulder has been playing up for a couple of weeks, must be a pulled muscle or trapped nerve, anyway, wanted to put some deep heat on it last night, and you know what, I couldn’t reach the spot. I’m not one to phone friend to ask for help. But it does piss me off, I know people have their own lives etc. Maybe it’s just me. Think it’s one of those days, 

So may have to treat myself to a takeaway at the weekend, cheer myself up a little. 

On the subject of being alone, Kev and I sex life is pretty good, but why is it, as soon as your partner goes away, you become a sex maniac? Seriously how many times can a bloke masturbate in one day!! I may need to get into the sexting business. 

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