It’s a funny old world 

I’m having another Facebook moment, I should delete it, but I’m not strong enough, plus I would only reinstate it 30 minutes later, 

So the ex friend the fake vicar, put on his post about giving blood, as in a blood donation, well I know he’s lying as gay men are not allowed to give blood unless you not had sex with another man for 12 months, and unless his relationship is up the duff. 

But the main thing about Facebook is the politics and brexit, now I voted remain, I like the EU, yes I know they have some issues, but on the whole I like being part of Europe, about being free to go where I want, and also wanting to move to France, I can see people’s view on leaving the EU, but I just hate all the “out now” the people have spoken, get on with it, hard deal, close the borders. (Don’t think they understand we live on an island) 

It just seems everyone is so angry, angry with foreign people, angry with muslims, seems so much hatred at the moment, and also people saying bring back Nigel farage, now he really gets on my goat, can’t stand the little frog face prick, 

Anyway, been off Facebook for ten minutes, I wonder what’s happening? 

The Nags Head

Some of you may know that the TV series “only fools and horses” the pub was called the Nags Head, it is also the name of the on site bar at the site in France, yes I know, sounds so French doesn’t it?? 

The owner who is french but lives in Florida, loved the TV show, so that’s why she called it that. I think it’s awful, this is one of the things I hate about the site, it’s a little England, I don’t like the UK anyway, so to go on holiday to France and stay at mini England is the worst thing for me. But it was cheap, 

The thing is, it’s treated like an English bar, they do snacks there, burger and chips, hot dog, steak, Cornish Pastries, you know typical French fair. Seriously there is not one item of french food on there, not even a crossiant for breakfast, not even a flaming baggette. 

They can’t serve spirits as it would of cost them an extra few grand on top of their license, so it’s wine, beer and cider. 

As the owners are from Cornwall, hence the Cornish pastries, they been doing Cornish real ale and beer. I don’t drink beer, maybe the odd half a larger ifthe weather is nice, and then only one as it’s too gassy and I can’t burp. (Tis true, I am unable to burp) 

I did have chicken and chips there once, it’s one of my favourite meals, normally you get a quarter or a half a chicken, I got a drumstick! And because everything is deep fried, basically it was a chicken bone with chips. My friend ordered steak once, the peas came 40 minutes later as they forgot, my friend never had peas for pudding before. 

They have certain nights there, bingo, quiz night, music, no karaoke as they think it’s common, butvto be honest, I don’t tend to go there anymore, the drink is shit, white wine doesn’t agree with me anyway, so never drink that, i can’t drink the rose or red as it literally taste crap. It’s a shame as it’s so handy. I wish they would do a Moule’s frites night or paella night. It’s cheap and easy to do. But it’s too foreign for them I think. 

I’m going to see what it’s like in July, as it should be up to maximum capacity then, so hopefully it may have some life there. If it doesn’t, I think they should pull the plug and let it die, or just get new managers in. 

OCD & Forward thinking 

I’m getting worse, I’m really am. My OCD is not that bad, well not compared to some people, my tins in the kitchen cupboard don’t have to facing the correct way, my cushions on the sofa can be messy. I’m worse at work but that is a good think, especially when you work in a hospital theatre, things have to be perfect. 

It’s my forward thinking, it drives me mad, we have holidays in France in July, September and October. And I’m already thinking of the October one, but I’m also thinking about next years ones as well. I think it’s because I need to know what is going on, I need to have the things ready in advance, we going to a fancy dress party at Halloween, and I’m panicking about that, and I’ve not finished with my fancy dress outfit for July. 

It drives Kev mad sometimes, he more laid back, I’m asking him about holidays next year as like me he has to work around people at his work, and I need to know the dates, even though I can’t know the dates yet, the Tour de France 2018 is near us next year, so we want to go to France even for a long weekend for it, so I’ve got that in my head at the moment and it’s not till July. 

I know this is reason that I don’t sleep, I don’t worry about things, I just plan things, I love planning things, cause that means a new note book and pen, and don’t even get me started about my stationary obsession! 


I have to be honest here and admit to something, I have bought some dungarees, not any normal ones, but short ones, I finally caved in, ordered them on line, so have to wait for delivery, seriously though I can’t wait to get them. Told Kev yesterday that I wanted some, he said I wasn’t, I would look stupid, etc etc, but when I showed him what’s available now, he did change his mind. 

When I was about 9 or 10 I had a pair, long ones, that I refused to wear anything else, they finally died I think after being worn constantly for a few years. So maybe I’m heading back to my child hood. 

They are really for holidays, I’m not sure if I’m brace enough to wear them in the UK, but we will see, I have to wait till Thursday, you never know I may out a photo up. 

Drivers that won’t drive 

I have 2 friends that are both ok their 30’s, gay male, that have issues with driving in certain conditions, a gay couple we know recently went to lanzarote for a holiday, and Callum took his mum along for her first holiday in 20 years, the day before they were due to fly home she was taken ill and was admitted to hospital. 

Callum and Ant had to fly home without her due to work commitments, and his mum was kept in hospital for 2 weeks, the insurance company in the end were not willing to pay for the flight home or to have someone fly home with her, so Callum booked the tickets to fly out on a Sunday and fly back with his mum on the Tuesday. 

The flights he could get were from Gatwick, which is about 2 hours away, now I would of bought he would of driven up there himself and left the car up there, as a couple of days parking charges wouldn’t have been that much money, but for some reason he got a lift up there. On Monday evening he phoned Kev asking if he could pick him and his mum up on the Tuesday, the flight came in at 1.30am, 

Kev did ask why his husband Ant couldn’t pick him up, Ant once attempted to drive to Gatwick, had to pull over at Winchester services (about 20 miles from his house) as he couldn’t go any further and had a panic attack, Ant does not like to travel over a distance of 30 miles as it tires him out, doesn’t like driving on a motorway, or places he hasn’t been before, he has a brand new car, so it’s not as if he’s worried about breaking down, 

Our other friend Chav boy, won’t go out of it’s raining or if the weather is looking dodgy, and he won’t travel more than an hour as it tires him out for too long! 

In the end Kev picked him up, coming home at 5.30 in the morning, and still going to work at 9am, 

Maybe it’s me, but what is it with these 2 guys?? 

May’s Holiday

I was attempting to update often when I was on holiday, but internet was crap and when I did have wifi, I was with other people so that would of been quite rude, 

It was a great holiday, the first two days were warm but overcast, then it was bloody hot, I went to the on site bar once, for bingo, and was amazed they have now started selling fridge water (basically tap water that has been put in a jug in the fridge) for €1.50, bingo was a laugh, but very poor turnout, one night after we had been drinking at the pub in the village I dropped a couple of people back at the site, my mate jules went into the onsite bar for another drink, they did serve her reluctantly as they wanted to shut, and jules did say that the wine tasted like shit, so when she returned yesterday evening she was given a formal warning by the landlady, and if she slagged of her wine again she would be banned. I now think jules is on a mission. 

Kev and j wanted to explore more this holiday, we had found a nudist beach not far from us, but I also found on line a gay nudist beach a little further, we decided to have lunch first at a nice restaurant on the sea front, then go an explore, eventually we found the beach, started of with family’s and single people naked in the beach, then we saw the dunes, it’s seems it was split in 2, one side you had couples, and the other side was the gay side, you could tell that a lot of action went on here, not really my cup of tea, however the beach was amazing, we will go back there in July, and see how it goes, I think they do tend to leave you alone, but I must admit, I do prefer a gay nudist beach. Not for any action, but the views are sometimes better!! 

Spent most of our time there in the chateau bar in the village, it was nice and shady, and of course Excellent company with mark and Becky, and our new friend jules, 

Kev had to fly home on the Thursday, due to work, and I drove home the following Monday, must admit Kev and I had probably had the best conversation ever via text over the days we were apart, and got a lot sorted out. I’m always better at writing things rather than saying them out aloud. 

It was a shame coming home, it’s getting worse each time, I know I’m back there in 6 weeks, but I just miss it. 


I have recently deleted snapchat, to be honest, I don’t really get it, I’m not one to take lots of photos, I never understood how it works properly anyway, and as for the photo effects I just don’t see the point, the only thing I liked about it was that you could draw and write things on photos, but I’m sure that’s an app for there somewhere (if anyone knows of one please let me know, I use an iPhone) 

Anyway, my brother in laws girlfriend has 2 girls, 11 & 13, they both use snapchat, and apparently they were being groomed by an on line paedophile, of course the mother was outraged, posted a screenshot of the person and put it on Facebook, saying this scum needs to be named and shamed, and I get that, I really do, it was the day after that she informed the police, 

But it was at the back of my head that day, and I can’t stop thinking, why did she let them have snap chat in the first place, and also the girls would of either had to add the bloke or accept his request, so why wasn’t the mother monitoring their friends, or did she even tell them about other people that may chat to the girls, or is just me being older, that I don’t add strangers to my chat apps? It was also the same on their instragram profile, this I have just started using so really don’t understand how that works yet. 

Yes when I was their age, there was no internet, all we had was don’t talk to strangers, and I’m not a parent, 

Just anything thing to confuse me! 

On my way part 3, in the air

I will fly, but I don’t like it, I may prefer it if it was on a private jet, I’ve never been on one, been lucky enough to travel business and first class, and Concorde. 

It’s only an hours flight anyway, and I prefer smaller planes. No one next to me, so I can spread out a little bit more, and in the next isle is a very good looking man so I’ve got some eye candy for the flight, 

This is the 3rd flight I’ve taken to our place in France, and for the life of me I don’t remember why I took the first one, as I’m sure Kev he only gone out early twice before, it’s bugging me, first time I’m flying into Nantes, other 2 times were La Rochelle, 

It’s pretty amazing really, leave your house at 8.15 in the morning and be in a different country for lunch, 

I’m only having a coke to drink, last two times I had jack Daniels’s and coke and it went straight to my head, 

On my way part 2, at the airport

Thought I change up some euros, bloody hell the airport rips you off, I could of got €1.15 elsewhere, but airport is doing €0.91, sod that for a living, 

Trousers stayed up this time when I had to take my belt of, learnt my lesson last time when I was wearing a jock strap, still it’s nice to see a bit of arse sometimes in public, 

Now it feels like the longest wait, it be about an hour, but this airport is so small, I’m in seat 10C which is a bloody isle seat, I made sure I sprayed my favourite after shave on in the duty free, sprayed everything including the inside of my bag, 

That’s it for the airport bit, seriously there is fuck all to do here. 

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