Leaning life skills

Ok, I’m 45 years old. Born 1972, but you know what, I’m glad I was born when I was, because personally I think I had the best years, no mobile phones, no computers as such, and definitely no internet, we did go out more because we had to, there was no bloody choice. Childhood, I had a grifter bike, my best friend had a chopper which I always thought was an automatic bike due to the gear lever looking the same as my dad car, he then sold it and bought a bmx, my friend, not my dad, he was a typical Volvo driver and a bank manager.

Anyway, we used to ride everywhere, we had tons of parks around us, we also went swimming to the local pool, or go into the nearest town, or bus it into Sutton or Croydon. Going to London was easy too, just get a red rover ticket and spend the day on trains tubes and buses.

It felt safer back then as well, leaving school but still hanging onto certain school friends cause you didn’t know anyone else, I worked for a bank, started the job 2 days after my 16th birthday 1988, in northcote road, Clapham, took the train in until I could drive. Sometimes being touched up by the gay married confused commuters. You know those cheap little thrills

I thought I was a yuppie working London, I had a Filofax (empty) but still had one. I was earning great money for a 16 year old. And I was going out, I was a closet gay, and you had to find out the local gay hangouts to get any action or to meet people. I do a different blog on gay dating as I feel this may go on and on.

The local housing estate where some mates lived were constantly being film by the tv program the bill, only place where it didn’t look out of place and no one battered an eye lid.

But we used to hang out there, drinking, smoking, and when the first one to drive got a car, we went to pubs, and these were proper south London pubs, but I was never scared.

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