Quick update

I need to do his more often, there is no excuse really, just me being bloody lazy, also not much has been going on. Today is the local town Christmas market etc, Kev has a little stall advertising the agency and he is driving in the lantern procession, well I’m driving and him and the staff are walking behind, thank god I got my mate to keep me company. I will go to the market in a bit as there’s a French market there too.

I’m not sure if I said before, but 2 ex friends (a gay couple) which the eldest one married us in a multi faith service have just gone to Malta for a holiday, both wearing their vicar collars, I’ve no idea why, they have been moaning about not being able to afford to heat their home, but managed to but themselves a Nintendo switch which is £300, the holiday was paid for by the benefits due to they are both carers (for each other) I really want a PS4 but can’t warrant spending that money at the moment.

Work has been busy, being trained to do flexi cystoscopies, which is really interesting, but I swear my non work friends have no idea what I do at work, one still thinks I work in admin.

Sorry for a crap blog post, need to get my head in gear and start doing them again properly,

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