It’s a funny old world 

I’m having another Facebook moment, I should delete it, but I’m not strong enough, plus I would only reinstate it 30 minutes later, 

So the ex friend the fake vicar, put on his post about giving blood, as in a blood donation, well I know he’s lying as gay men are not allowed to give blood unless you not had sex with another man for 12 months, and unless his relationship is up the duff. 

But the main thing about Facebook is the politics and brexit, now I voted remain, I like the EU, yes I know they have some issues, but on the whole I like being part of Europe, about being free to go where I want, and also wanting to move to France, I can see people’s view on leaving the EU, but I just hate all the “out now” the people have spoken, get on with it, hard deal, close the borders. (Don’t think they understand we live on an island) 

It just seems everyone is so angry, angry with foreign people, angry with muslims, seems so much hatred at the moment, and also people saying bring back Nigel farage, now he really gets on my goat, can’t stand the little frog face prick, 

Anyway, been off Facebook for ten minutes, I wonder what’s happening? 

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