OCD & Forward thinking 

I’m getting worse, I’m really am. My OCD is not that bad, well not compared to some people, my tins in the kitchen cupboard don’t have to facing the correct way, my cushions on the sofa can be messy. I’m worse at work but that is a good think, especially when you work in a hospital theatre, things have to be perfect. 

It’s my forward thinking, it drives me mad, we have holidays in France in July, September and October. And I’m already thinking of the October one, but I’m also thinking about next years ones as well. I think it’s because I need to know what is going on, I need to have the things ready in advance, we going to a fancy dress party at Halloween, and I’m panicking about that, and I’ve not finished with my fancy dress outfit for July. 

It drives Kev mad sometimes, he more laid back, I’m asking him about holidays next year as like me he has to work around people at his work, and I need to know the dates, even though I can’t know the dates yet, the Tour de France 2018 is near us next year, so we want to go to France even for a long weekend for it, so I’ve got that in my head at the moment and it’s not till July. 

I know this is reason that I don’t sleep, I don’t worry about things, I just plan things, I love planning things, cause that means a new note book and pen, and don’t even get me started about my stationary obsession! 

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