I have to be honest here and admit to something, I have bought some dungarees, not any normal ones, but short ones, I finally caved in, ordered them on line, so have to wait for delivery, seriously though I can’t wait to get them. Told Kev yesterday that I wanted some, he said I wasn’t, I would look stupid, etc etc, but when I showed him what’s available now, he did change his mind. 

When I was about 9 or 10 I had a pair, long ones, that I refused to wear anything else, they finally died I think after being worn constantly for a few years. So maybe I’m heading back to my child hood. 

They are really for holidays, I’m not sure if I’m brace enough to wear them in the UK, but we will see, I have to wait till Thursday, you never know I may out a photo up. 

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