Drivers that won’t drive 

I have 2 friends that are both ok their 30’s, gay male, that have issues with driving in certain conditions, a gay couple we know recently went to lanzarote for a holiday, and Callum took his mum along for her first holiday in 20 years, the day before they were due to fly home she was taken ill and was admitted to hospital. 

Callum and Ant had to fly home without her due to work commitments, and his mum was kept in hospital for 2 weeks, the insurance company in the end were not willing to pay for the flight home or to have someone fly home with her, so Callum booked the tickets to fly out on a Sunday and fly back with his mum on the Tuesday. 

The flights he could get were from Gatwick, which is about 2 hours away, now I would of bought he would of driven up there himself and left the car up there, as a couple of days parking charges wouldn’t have been that much money, but for some reason he got a lift up there. On Monday evening he phoned Kev asking if he could pick him and his mum up on the Tuesday, the flight came in at 1.30am, 

Kev did ask why his husband Ant couldn’t pick him up, Ant once attempted to drive to Gatwick, had to pull over at Winchester services (about 20 miles from his house) as he couldn’t go any further and had a panic attack, Ant does not like to travel over a distance of 30 miles as it tires him out, doesn’t like driving on a motorway, or places he hasn’t been before, he has a brand new car, so it’s not as if he’s worried about breaking down, 

Our other friend Chav boy, won’t go out of it’s raining or if the weather is looking dodgy, and he won’t travel more than an hour as it tires him out for too long! 

In the end Kev picked him up, coming home at 5.30 in the morning, and still going to work at 9am, 

Maybe it’s me, but what is it with these 2 guys?? 

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