On my way part 3, in the air

I will fly, but I don’t like it, I may prefer it if it was on a private jet, I’ve never been on one, been lucky enough to travel business and first class, and Concorde. 

It’s only an hours flight anyway, and I prefer smaller planes. No one next to me, so I can spread out a little bit more, and in the next isle is a very good looking man so I’ve got some eye candy for the flight, 

This is the 3rd flight I’ve taken to our place in France, and for the life of me I don’t remember why I took the first one, as I’m sure Kev he only gone out early twice before, it’s bugging me, first time I’m flying into Nantes, other 2 times were La Rochelle, 

It’s pretty amazing really, leave your house at 8.15 in the morning and be in a different country for lunch, 

I’m only having a coke to drink, last two times I had jack Daniels’s and coke and it went straight to my head, 

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