Mini 2 minute lost the plot

My last day at work before holiday, I text the lady who was looking after my car and was going to give me a lift home afterwards, I said, I let you know when I’m leaving and is still ok for a lift? She replied I have no idea when I be home, things are very stressful here, now this is Kev’s deputy, the person who we had to cancel 2 holidays for and the one where she wants Kev to dog sit all the time, FFS can’t she cope at all, she shouldn’t be in that job, 

It was easier to leave the car there as Kev could of gone to the office the day he flew back into the UK, she could of given him a lift to her place then he would of driven of in my car, as he would need it for a few days. 

I’m the kind of person who has to have everything organised, last time I organised everything and it worked out fine, it’s a good job the friend who done it last time was kind enough to do it again, so I cancelled her at the last minute, 

Plus it did annoy me that she said she was very stressful as what am I going to say to Kev? I have to explain to him why I didn’t park at hers, it’s his business for fuck sake! 

Had to let this of my chest, thank you to the special guy who helped me out yesterday, you know who you are 😘

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