My family & what’s left 

There’s not many of us left now, so my mum and dad got together, now my mum was one of 13 (Welsh) anyway she got adopted, so she was an only child, my dads mother died in childbirth, so he was brought up by 2 nannies and his dad worked,  I never knew my dads dad, he died not long after my brother was born, and our aunt Mary, (not sure where she came along from) 

So basically when I came along a few years after my brother and sister that was all the family, my dad never wanted me, wanted my mum to have an abortion. As you can read this you would understand that she didn’t go through it, 

Lived in carshalton, Surrey, it’s now more classed as south London, but back then it was posh, we had famous people living near by, so dad left the house in the morning to get the train into London, mum got the kids ready, we had a car in The garage but my mum wasn’t allowed to use it, 

My dad was ill, he was a major hypochondriac, he was unlucky that he got everything given, so he had to retire from work, they game a charity to look after “the British sports association”. Which is where I first meet Jimmy Saville, and no, nothing happened, the last 3 years of his life he was getting worse, and when I was 14 he died of cancer, my sister left the house as soon as we got back from the funeral and my brother moved out the week after. 

My sister has been with her bloke since the 80’s, never married as his first wife wouldn’t let him, she had a baby boy in 1993, and was the only nephew, grandson for a long time, my brother was in his 2nd marriage, and him and his wife were having IVF treatment, but one of them worked and they gave birth to a healthy test tube, a few months later she fell pregnant naturally. 

I was still left out, my sister and my brother al aye arrange to meet up and go out, but we were never invited. 

Just over 10 years ago, my brother was diagnosed with cancer, and was given about a year, he still tried to work when he could, this was the only reason so when he went his wife and kids had more money. I felt worse for my mum, no one expects to loose a kid, so I made sure she was in, 

My sister was the chief mourner, saw him very often, and tried to take over, even before he died my sister was saying how much do you think we would get in the will, I said nothing, he’s married and got 2 kids, why would we get anything, 

So he died, got the phone call one Sunday morning, my sister was already driving up, I tried to speak to her but apparently she was uncontrollable and unable to speak to anyone, 

The funeral was a day I really didn’t want to, I didn’t want to go, I knew I had to, my sisters boy who I shall now call boy wonder, because he knows everything, he wanted to do a speech at the funeral, I said no, you won’t be able to do it, but my sister was adamant that he be great because of his drama background, (he did drama at school) he started to speak then broke down and ran out, so as I was in the front with sister in law and nephews, so I took over, 

A month later, my sister in law found out that my other nephew was abusing one of her boys, seriously world war 3 began, people taking and not talking, I stayed quiet, until I heard the whole story, so my sister stopped talking to me, and my nephew sent me a text saying thanks for the fucking support. To cut it short as this is worth a few blogs by itself, my nephew was sent to prison for 7 years, he was out after 3. He doesn’t talk to me. 

I see my sister in law and 2 nephews a few times a year, 

And when my mum died was the first time I saw my nephew, but I had all the keys then, I was incharge and my sister couldn’t do a thing, they still moan that certain things should be theirs etc, 

I should of broken this down more, as I just opened a can of worms, because there is so much to it, 

I leave it here for the moment, but basically what I meant to say is, I’ve got such a small family, and the ones I have got, don’t talk to me! 

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