A little Facebook arguement 

Went on and saw my friend had replied to a comment from the local conservative councillor, now my friend doesn’t give a flying fuck in what she’s says, she used to be a man, not that it means that’s the reason why she doesn’t give a shit, I just thought I would mention that’s she’s transgender, 

Anyho, it was about voting conservative and save the planet or something along the lines as the councillor had deleted all his comments so I couldn’t understand much of it, one of his comments was though that anyone that didn’t or won’t vote conservative in June is a snowflake. 

Now I hate that word people use for those who want something different in their country, I voted remain, and I will vote labour in June, I love the fact that we were able to work and live in any country in the EU, I love people from Europe and around the world, even though I’m not religious at all, I have respect for those that have a faith. Love the different cultures from around the world, and get angry when everyone is not treated the same, like the way they treat LGBT and different views to women, that’s what I like about the EU, we fought for our rights and got them. I want everything to be renewable energy. I want the world to be a happy place, I know that ain’t going to happen. I don’t want wars, I don’t think much about Donald Trump, I don’t like homophobia, xenophobia, and I hate all this make Britain great again, too late sweet cheeks, we already fucked it up, we not got an industry anymore as it all got sold abroad, and our banking/finance has been downgraded. And then I get accused of being anti British because I’m a “remoaner” cause I voted to stay in. 

So call me a snowflake then, you jumped into little prick who parades around the local area in Lycra cycling shorts and your and hair, take the daily mail, roll it up, and stuff it down your Lycra shorts cause you ain’t got a dick big enough to show. 

Thank you, needed to get that of my chest! 

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