Kev left this morning at 6.30, I left for work at 7am and been home about an hour and a half, had something to eat, hoovered, made the bed, and I’m bored out of my life, he’s just text me saying he just got there, he was stuck in rush hour traffic in Nantes. 

I’ve got almost another week of this, can’t find anything to watch on television, been to the fridge about 5 times even though I’m not hungry. What is wrong with me? 

Chav lad has really pissed me off, he keeps on putting up new profile photos of his hair cut, even though he’s not doing the style that Kev did, Kev cut it in a style, so he just looks like a right knobhead now, it’s a fucking mullet, it seriously looks like an ill fitting wig. But he said this way he looks younger, no you don’t, you still look like a 35 year old fat man trying to dress young in your chav clothes, I feel better now I said that. 

And why is it, when your other half goes away you fancy sex, why do you feel horny when your partners not here? Is it the missing bit? Knowing you can’t have sex? I’ve no idea, anyway, I’m going to look in the fridge again in case something has suddenly appeared. 

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