Packing for holiday 

My day of this week was changed to today, which was good really, as had to sort some stuff out for the holiday, even though I’m not going till next Wednesday, Kev is going tomorrow so taking my stuff with him, we getting quite lazy now with the packing, no suitcases, we just pack bag for life now, it’s go by from flat, to car to mobile home, so not worth doing anything else. 

So I be gone 12 nights, but im still here for another week, 2 massive bags packed, had to pick up toilet roll for France as well (cheaper over here) 

Took a visit to the farm shop this morning, friends over there wanted Cumberland sausages and pork pie, thought I do the nice ones for them, 

I can’t wait till I’m over in France though, couple of days by yourself is ok, but I do get bored, but I’m doing what I said though, all friends know that I’m home alone, so going to find out who’s there for me. It be interesting, but I’m not expecting much. 

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