My sisters Facebook post

I was running late to work this morning as I would behind a member of staff who always drives at 20mph, so the normal 10 minute journey took double, so I wasn’t in he best of mood anyway, 

From the car park to work, checked my Facebook quickly and noticed my sister had put a new post up, it said it’s been 30 years since our dad died, and. It a day goes by without her thinking about him, and she treasures the few photos she has, she has been very tearful this week, 

My sister hated my dad, she practically disowned him for many years, and was never there when he was very ill with cancer, 

A friend of hers messaged saying that he was a very attractive man, my sister replied to this that he was and always had an eye for the ladies, 

He certainly did considering the amount of affairs he had! 

I was only 14 when he died, and he been ill for a number of years, so don’t have that many memories of him, I know my sister only does this so she can have the pity vote from her friends, personally I think that is just wrong to use someone like that, but hey, what do I know? 

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