Holidays growing up

We were a typical middle class family, lived in Surrey in the green belt, dad was a banker in London, mum was a housewife, we always had 2 holidays a year, 2 weeks in Devon to see my grandparents and 2 weeks to the south of France, where my dad would always hire a static caravan in the St tropez area, one thing I always remember is my mum keeping the old margarine containers, always kept 3 back for the kids, then she would fill them with sweets for the journey for us, my sister used to eat hers by the time we reached Dover, I managed to keep mine going for the whole 2 weeks, and we found my brothers about 15 years later when he moved out, he never ate them, but he kept them and just left them in his bedroom, when we opened the pot, it was like one massive sweet inside, sort of all melted together. 

We always travelled by car, we had a big Volvo estate, I remember getting up really early, and having a full English breakfast, even though it was still dark outside. Dad driving, elder brother in the front (he was the favourite child, my mum and my sister at the back, and I was always put in the boot, no seat, nothing, just rolling around with the luggage. My sister always threw up on the cross channel ferry from Dover to Calais. 

It took us ages to get to the south of France, I think we stopped one night to break up the journey, but we normally drove through the night, I was always woken up at the Lyon Tunnel, one year my brother had his arm out of the window most of the time in France, this caused him to get sunburn and unable to move his arm for a few days. 

My mum always cooked, we hardly ever ate out on holiday, and because of the age gap between myself and my brother and sister (7 & 8) older. I was by myself, the camp sites we stayed on had everything for kids, pools, games, kids clubs, but I was so shy, I never used them, and I never really remembered what we done in the evenings, we never played games as a family, and it’s bugging me now to what we did do, seriously I have no idea, 

We went out in the day time to all over the place, don’t think there is a place in the south of France I’ve not been too, 

I’m glad we had those holidays though, from what I remember about them I had a good time, just not sure if the rest of my family did or not! 

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