Why do we do it? 

Kev is not a hairdresser, but he does cut friends hair, he does mine occasionally when my friend can’t do it, I’m one of these people that get bored quickly, so my idea of hell is being pampered at a hairdressers. 

We got one friend that Kev has now done his hair twice, and he will be back, even though he doesn’t ask for anything, he brings a bottle of prosecco as a payment. And basically it’s just a cut, 

Anyho, a friend wanted his hair cut and coloured, no worries, but could we pick him up a hair dye kit, so me being me bought one, ok it was only £4, but I still bought it, so he came round, by the way this is chav boy, his hair is really thick and always looks very messy, and he always cuts his side burns completely off. 

So Kev decided to cut it first, the dye it, and he done an amazing job, the latest style, shaved back and sides and the quiff on top, it looked really good, took years of our friend and made him sort of semi decent. Kev told him how to style it and what to do, our friend was taking it all in. 

On Facebook this morning, he put up new profile photos of his new hair cut, not in a quiff at all, but messy bed hair look, that doesn’t suit him, and with the shaved back and sides it looks awful, it looks like a cheap wig just plonked on. Because Kev didn’t die the shaved areas the top was a completely different colour. I sent him a message saying “couldn’t you be bothered to style your hair this morning” and his reply was that he preferred it the way he done this morning. On top of that, he tagged Kev in his post saying thank you for cutting his hair, it’s a good job it’s not Kev’s job, as no one would go to him again. We have photos of just after Kev finished his hair, so at least we have proof it did look good for a few hours. 

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