Bar du Chateau 

We didn’t really use this last summer, and I have no idea, I think we weee in such a rut and stayed in site. But when we went back in October we started to use it, Mark and Becky are the owners, they are Welsh, but can’t hold that against them as I’m half Welsh, 

Our friend on site kept on about Mark and Becky and with the problems at the on site bar they have been using the pub more often. The food was classed as snacks, but delicious, hot dog, burgers, paninis, chicken, fish and croque Monsieur. And a full selection of drink, they also put nibbles like peanuts on the side as well, which the on site bar would never do. They made you feel very welcome,  

Becky and mark used to be in a band, and they used to run the on site bar, apparently these were the good old years. They had live bands plus karaoke, Kev loves singing, so does Becky, so I was often propped up at the bar with mark. We had numerous lock ins. 

When we went over for Christmas and new year last year, we mainly spent that time at the pub, the locals go there too, so it’s great, you get to mix with the locals. About 3 times we went to the pub for a quick drink and got home at 5am, New Year’s Eve was fancy dress, Mark and Becky put on a full Buffett, the onsite bar on the other hand, did a little Buffett, but you had to confirm because of numbers, and they shut at 12.30, being in France they do 2 New Year’s Eve, first one was the proper one then an hour later they did it again for the uk due to the time difference. 

There is no comparison to the pub and the bar,  as I said before it be interesting to see what the bar is like this year. I shall keep people informed. 

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