Why do I do it? 

Why do I do things that annoy me, it is like that I want to taunt myself with pain, 

The daily mail, the most homophobic, xenophobia, racist, brexit supporting newspaper, I read it on line, get wound up and annoyed, then I read comments from the readers, and that makes me worse, 

Facebook, I’m going to put a post on there soon, saying it’s my Facebook, if anything annoys you that I write you can sod off, I live in the new forest, ponies and other wild animals roam free, so obviously there are certain accidents about animals getting hit by a car, the other day a Shetland pony and her foal got hit and killed by a car, it’s awful, the photo was awful, it’s so sad, but then (I did count) I had 35 posts on it, and it’s still going on, 

I stalk ex friends too, when me and Kev had one of our many weddings, we had a multi religious vicar give us a blessing in a church, he is gay, 52 and his husband is 26, both don’t work, both on benefits and the world owes them a favour, the 26 year old is signed of from work, due to being bullied at school because he was fat, so he now has PTSD, seriously, suck it up buttercup, it was school, I think everyone was bullied at some point, when the fake vicar goes on one their free holidays they get every year from the government, he wears his do collar, he wears it all the time, they have 4 pedigree dogs, and they have just got a brand new car from the mobility people.

Another person on benefits, who used to be an ex of a friend, is seriously overweight but claims he only eats 2000 calories a week, due to every time he eats he gets a hernia, Really??? I work in a hospital, friends with doctors and surgeons, and this isn’t true, the ex fat friend still weighs 24 stone, he’s another person that thinks the world owes him a favour.

It could be me, I don’t really like people that just post things looking for sympathy and woe is me posts, and those need reassurance all the time. We have all been through shit in our life at one point, my sister was like on the Facebook for some time, so I deleted her, but that’s another story! 

People who put their friends or other halfs on speakerphone, that really winds me up, I don’t want to hear your conversation and I do t want to join in, 

And lastly for the time being, the kardashians, there used to be time you were famous for having a talent not for being a cunt.

Anyway, better go, need to catch up on Facebook and see what the daily mail is saying. 

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