Meeting the neighbours 

For some bizarre reason Kev and I had managed to get Easter off from both our works, so with the extra bank holidays we thought this would be a great time to go over to France, open up the van and have our first proper holiday in our new home, we weren’t expecting great weather as it was march and it’s not like it was in the south of France or anything, 

We got there and it rained, rained every fucking day to be honest with you, the garden was a few inches under water for the duration as well, and we later found out the part of the site we are on floods quite often, thanks for telling us, Pete and Joan had put the heating on for us before we got there and gave it a clean, plus we had new people running the onsite bar, Gary and Linda from Cornwall, they had totally cleaned up the bar, removed all clutter, done a new menu, looked very promising. 

Kev gave the whole place a total spring clean, when he gets into it, he can be quite anal with cleaning, I tend to do what you can see, but he done the whole lot, it was frustrating for him not being able to do the garden. 

Most of that holiday the evenings were spent in the bar, there was a quiz night, bingo night, and a Chinese raffle, bar had new hours and shut at 11pm each night, we were hoping they open a bit longer in the summer, they didn’t, it got worse, 

Anyway, the residents and holiday home owners were very nice and pleasent, however I’m one of those people that when I first meet someone I either like them or don’t, and there was a couple I didn’t like, most of them tried to get all information possible from us, we met some great people, and the famous 5, 5 single people in their 60’s who hung around each other all the time, it was the club, no one could join their club, you could be friends but would never be accepted in, they were the ones that would spread the latest gossip around the place, of they didn’t like you, the rest of the site would know it, 

We were polite to them, and still are, one has been kicked out of the group, we got to know Pete and Joan better and met Gill, her husband Dave was in hospital after suffering a major heart attack in the summer before, so we didn’t get to meet Dave until later, most of the people on site are 50+ semi retired types. Was looking forward to the summer when hopefully a few younger people would be there, 

Apart from the weather, it was a good break, but we wouldn’t see any sun until the July, 

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