There’s drama on the site! 

So we had about 3 months before we were back in France, the camp site had a Facebook page which we joined, normal stuff, info about the site, buying and selling, does anyone want anything and people moaning, the whole camp site has a community feel about it, the residents look after the place, keep an eye on things, we had given Pete and Joan our keys and they were going to keep an eye out for us, I would say about 30% of the site is residents and the rest own a holiday home there, 

It’s all very good, and gives you piece of mind, every so often we get updates saying van is ok, weather good/bad etc, and we have been emailing Joan a few times too, 

Certain posts on Facebook were quite funny, things like please keep the noise down it’s 10.30pm and then someone replying to him to get a life, they are certain cliques there, which I go into later, but honestly you could write a book on the place, it does remind me so much of the TV show “Benidorm” 

Anyway, I was sat at home, going through Facebook and it was quite late at night, and had a notification on the sites page, someone put on there, is there anyone still up on the site, I need urgent help, 

So me being me, got comfy, and waited for the comments, few message were posted saying what’s up? I’m still there, etc etc and the most annoying Facebook saying ever “I PM you”. I emailed Joan straight away saying what’s up? She replied I’m not sure I fill you in when I know, then we heard nothing else, 

A few days later we got an email from Joan, saying she knew what happened but was unable to tell us anything about it as the police were involved, we thought that was great, just bought a place in France and now police are on the site, now it wasn’t until February that we got an answer, 

Some of the residents went to the on site bar for a few drinks, the mad french bar man, was completely pissed again and was handing out free drinks to everybody and smoking behind the bar, well apparently everyone left apart from one male resident, his story was the next thing he knew, he was face down in the bar, pants and trousers were around his ankles and the mad french man was trying to rape him, the resident manage to escape, call his friend in the uk, (hence the Facebook post) and the police wre called, arrested the French man, and now apparently he is now in prison. 

It’s quite open now, as in everyone knows about what happened, half the people we speak to believe the resident and the other half think he’s making it up, certain things don’t add up in my opinion, 1: the bar is like a greenhouse, it’s lit up, and all made of glass, everyone can see inside, 2: when we saw the French man drunk, he could hardly stand up, 3: we think the resident is a little bit gay, so I just don’t know what or who to believe, the resident said his drink was spiked, and he was given a date rape drunk, the mystery continues to this day, 

So in all, what the fuck have we just bought? It’s going to get interesting at our little holiday home. 

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