The first shopping list for France 

Got a note app feature on the phone so if there is anything we need to take over to France we write it down, cleaning products and toiletries are cheaper in the uk, so that goes on the list often, then you get the other list: 

Can you bring over 3 boxes of dairylee triangles, over and gravey powder, not granules, but powder, white bread, crumpets, pork pie, tin of white gloss paint, and tea bags, always get asked for tea bags, mainly Yorkshire, and the first time we went there in 2016 at Easter we had a very large order of hot cross buns, 

I don’t know what date or time or month or where we were, but something changed, we weren’t going on holiday anymore, it was like going home, we can’t to give people a lift, people stopping outside our van asking if we need anything from the shops, a phone call from a friend asking if Kev could come over to dye someone’s hair, took a very good friend to a few hospital appointments, 

It’s a strange feeling, cause it’s not home, but in the other hand it is a home, we are a 2 home family, I’m so getting to be like Joan Collins, just want her Louis Vuitton luggage, 

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