I wanted to be batman 

So took delivery of a superman morph suit, really wanted batman but due to fact that batman was a lot more money and I’ve never tried one on before I thought I go for cheap, so I went to eBay, 

The thing is, at work I wear scrubs, very boring, comfy, but boring, now do you think I could get away and wear my morphsuit underneath my scrubs, then if anyone wants something, Swabs, scalpel holder etc, I could just turn round and shout, superman is on his way, rip of my scrubs and appear at superman with the wanted stuff,

Do you think I would get fired? 

Getting the bloody thing on though is a night mare, it is one size fits all, but it did fit and looked ok, so Kev decided to try this one size fits on, couldn’t do it and promptly broke the zip. 

So maybe they do a bigger size, I don’t know, need to do some research. 

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