My Mum

My mum was totally fucking amazing, born in Wales, one of 12, but she was adopted by her uncle and auntie and moved to Somerset, she was sent to a very experience boarding school then went on to college in Kent, she did cooking and dressmaking, she was offered 2 jobs, one working with the queens dressmaker (yes the real queen, not the terry that does a turn in Bournemouth, or to move to Denmark and work for the carlsburg family, she turned down Norman hartnell and moved to Denmark, she lived with a lesbian (she says nothing happened) and still managed to meet the queen 3 times there, she also did a bit of work for Norman hartnell when it was needed, my mum was quite famous for her sewing skills, 

Came back home, met my dad, popped 2 kids out, then 9 years later I popped out, dad never wanted me, wanted my mum to get an abortion, 

Fast forward a few years, she moved down to be near us, and we found a warden assistant flat just of Lymington high street, she got herself one of those mobility buggies, then a month later bought a faster one, only shopped in marks and Spencer’s, 

She had arthritis, and spondylitis, and was getting worse, but nothing could really be done, but then just over 2 years ago, she phoned us at home saying she had broken her arm, 

Later in hospital it was confirmed it was broken and she would probably be going to a rehab place in fordingbridge for a few weeks, I panicked as I knew my MG TF wouldn’t make the journey as it was a piece of shit and kept on breakdown, so I bought a new car (well new to me) should of gone with something practical, so I went for a 2.4ltr turbo Volvo C30, 

A few days later wen we were on one of our visits to Bournemouth hospital Kev and I were taken to a side room by the doctor in charge, right from this point I’m not sure if I stopped being a son and began my work mode, we were told she had cancer, couldn’t find the primary, but she had secondary on her bones and thirds on her stomach, they have her about ten weeks, she was kept in hospital for about a week then moved to a nursing home near by us, we set the room up almost as a duplicate of her flat, we got rid of the flat, kept certain things, other things went to other mememvers of the family that were talking to me, the home was brilliant, could not fault it, we saw her everyday, we did go on holiday, we were going to cancel, but we knew she was in safe hands and there wasn’t a lot we could do, and we needed a break, got her a basic mobile phone, and said goodbye. 

2nd day on holiday, the phone went at 7am, on a Sunday, Kev answered it, I knew it was mum, she had gone, but no, it was our cat sitter, our flat had been broken into and ranshank, we were lucky as didn’t really take much, TV’s, Bose sound bar, bags, Camera, but one of the cats were missing, when I heard that I was on the phone finding about flights home, 30 minutes later cat was found outside, Tasha was my only worry as onkyb2 months earlier one of our cats had a heart attack and Kev had to kitty CPR in the vets car park. 

I hate the phone, still do, hate talking on it, most of my friends know never to call me, text or message, and I will get back to you straight away, 

Mum k or on going, in pain but happy, The last time I saw her is private, I will never say what was said or done, I dream about her most nights, a couple of days after I saw her we got the phone call at 3.45am, that she had died, we had to stop visiting her in the end, she was in a syringe drive which is only really for a few days, she was on it for 12 days, I know what she was like, she didn’t want anyone near or with her when she died, 

I am so like my mum, the sarcastic sense of humour, the biting comments, The way she knew who to trust and who not, I’m so please I was part of her, that she was my mum, I couldn’t never wished for anybody else, I got slagged of at work as I didn’t take much time off, but I was better being at work, 

I will tell a few more stories of my mum and our adventures we had, 2 Buckingham garden parties, trip to New York, going to the wrong funeral for her mum when she died, and being caught for speeding at 127mph on the M5. 

However the main person I want to thank is Kev, my husband, my best friend, my sole mate, if it wasn’t for him taking everything in his hands, sorting out everything, and for that I will never never forget, 

And again, at those times you really find out who your friends are. 

My mum, the legendary Cherry, few days before the syringe drive, 

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