Florida 1999

One of the anaesthetists at work has just come back from a holiday around Florida, and it reminded me of mine and Kev’s first holiday, we didn’t go alone, my mum went and so did Kev’s aunt, on the trip to the airport we discovered that they hated each other, so kev and I were really looking forward to the next 2 weeks, 

We done a 2 centre holiday, a week in Orlando and a week in Marco island, fling into Orlando and coming back via Miami, and a brand new Cadillac for the duration, so the first stop was a week in Orlando, typical holiday rental of a 3 bed house, own pool etc, both my mum and legs aunt were both little kids in the Second World War, Kev’s aunt had a fought time of it as she was in London, however my mum, was in Devon next to an American army base, so she had a great time, great fruit, chocolate, sweets when ever she wanted, and this is what started the arguements, literally they could not stand each other, the complete opposite of each other. 

We done all the tourist things in Orlando, Disney world, universal, the main interstate road where all the shops and ripleys believe or not building, one night we decided it was safe to leave them alone and go to the cinema, we had fed and watered them, left Kev’s aunt In front of the telly with alcohol and my mum in her room with a book, forgot what film we saw, I’m sure it was an action film with tom cruise in, the experience is so totally different, anyho, kev wanted to drive back home to try the car, so we took the long way round the housing complex we were on and parked infront of the garage, all the lights were off in the house, which wasn’t that strange, but then the key wouldn’t work, so we thought they must of locked it, so we have the doorbell a go, no answer, fucking hell, they have murdered each other, we didn’t know what to do, we tried looking through the windows, then we went round the back to see if that was open, once we got round the back we realised we weee at the wrong house, we had parked next door, 

They didn’t speak for the rest of the holiday about from the odd out downs etc, me and my mum flew down to key west for a day when kev took his aunt on a boat trip to see the dolphins, the 2nd house in Marco island was lovely, huge bedroom, walk in wardrobes and to die for bathroom, with a huge bathtub which was a very nice experience to share a bath with kev, and we had the most quiteness sex we had ever had, as didn’t know how thick the walls were. kev and I had a great holiday though, but decided not to invite those two again. 

Kev holding baby croc, the placed was shut down a month after. 

Me very wet after water ride. 

Yes aunt Peta, was short, I’m 6’2″ mam is to the left at the background, plotting to kill her 

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